All these disorders may be caused by disruption of the equilibrium between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems as a result of a general energy imbalance induced by the environment, stress, a psycho-emotional shock (break-up, death, divorce, accident, illness, etc.). The normal equilibrium thus becomes displaced, leading to hyper-reactivity and hypersensitivity associated with difficulty coping and exhaustion, which are collectively referred to as reactive asthenia.
The patient then feels like “a flat battery” with slowed mental capacity, memory problems and sleep disturbance, palpitations, anxious or depressive states. It is like a “bug” in the body’s energy regulation mechanisms (accelerator and brake system)


To re-establish the equilibrium, positive ions must be provided: magnesium (Mg++), potassium (K+), phosphorus (P+), lithium (Li+). Ions will be targeted to the “stress” points indicated on the Charcot maps to reset, in energy terms, the perturbed basal equilibrium. This treatment combines energy mesotherapy and percutaneous hydrotomy. However, it should be noted that energy deficiencies can also arise as a result of intestinal malabsorption linked to dysfunctions in mucosal permeability (colitis, colonopathies, etc.). Malabsorption then leads to deficits in calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, iron and other trace elements that are necessary for hormonal development and the synthesis of chemical mediators from amino acids (e.g. tryptophan is required for serotonin synthesis, which is reduced in depression). The intestinal problem can thus have a remote impact on the brain.
A similar remote impact can be linked to thyroid disorders, gynaecological hormone imbalances, or bone disorders (very advanced osteoporosis) in rheumatology.