Pain: a symptom of damage


Pain is only a symptom. It most often results from some type of damage, the cause of which must be identified to allow treatment. Treatment of the symptom of pain appears to be of little interest since it makes the patient a permanent consumer of more or less powerful analgesics (morphine derivatives), anti-inflammatory drugs, or even corticosteroids without actually tackling the cause. In most cases, pain is a result of compression of a nerve, tendon or ligament (e.g. neuralgia, migraine). How the pain evolves during treatment should guide the practitioner in determining whether the treatment of the cause is progressing.


Because pain is just a symptom, decompression must be exerted directly at the source, followed by regeneration of the damaged tissue (see neuralgia, sciatica and migraine section). Severe pain requires treatment by mesoperfusion (treatment protocols).