Combatting immunological deregulation


Most recurrent inflammatory or infectious diseases are caused by deregulation of the immune system (dysimmunity). The mucosa in the ENT, and digestive/intestinal tracts becomes hypersensitive and hyperactive, leading to chronic inflammation with flare-ups (hypersecretion, oedema, pain, spasms, etc.) Mesovaccination stimulates the immuno-incompetent mucosa in a controlled and targeted manner to reset its function. It achieves this effect by stimulating the local immune defences through the supply of small amounts of non-specific cell-mediated vaccines. Regeneration is achieved thanks to the uptake of vitamins and trace elements (vitamin B5, magnesium, manganese-copper, organic silica). Thus, during mesovaccination sessions, the mucosa can regain its immune competence and regenerate, allowing re-activation of its self-regulation mechanisms. After sufficient immune training, it may even acquire a new immunity, close to that of a healthy person.


For the treatment of allergies such as rhinitis, rhino-sinusitis, recurrent tonsillitis, asthma, bronchitis, gastritis, colitis or functional colonopathy.


In France, the discontinuation of the RIBOMUNYL vaccine was a severe blow to patients. The studies carried out were based on subcutaneous injection to the arm, whereas its optimal therapeutic site is at the ENT and respiratory level. Injections were therefore performed too far from its site of action to be effective (has it not already proved its effectiveness?) Indeed, tens of thousands of practitioners have used it over more than 25 years in mesotherapy, harnessing its strictly localised effect to the great satisfaction of their patients.