Here are some questions frequently asked by patients.


1) Is percutaneous hydrotomy painful?

On principle, no the procedure is not painful, however, like any injection it may be unpleasant. To help avoid discomfort for the patient, dilute local anaesthesia is used. The same answer applies to mesoperfusion.

2) How long does a session last?

– Hydrotomy administered manually using a syringe takes 5-10 minutes, sometimes less.
– Mesoperfusion can last from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the disorder.

3) How frequently are sessions repeated?

On principle, sessions take place weekly at the start of treatment (4 to 6 sessions), depending on the disorder. To treat acute disorders, sessions may be more closely spaced. The same answer applies to mesoperfusion.

4) Is hydrotomy a temporary or durable treatment? (for osteoarthritis for example)
In principle, we must treat the “underlying” issues. Osteoarthritis most often represents a degenerative state, the imbalance must therefore be corrected by the therapy. We do not seek to mask the pain symptoms using anti-inflammatory drugs (although their micro-circulatory, antiplatelet and blood thinning effects are harnessed in this precise context) or analgesics, rather we aim to provide a regenerative treatment dealing with the underlying causes. Pain should not be masked to ensure a lasting effect. Moreover, the treatment has a long-lived effect.

5) Are maintenance sessions necessary?

Yes, occasionally maintenance sessions are appropriate for mesovaccination, as, like all other vaccines, the effects may decrease over time. In chronic osteoarthritis, maintenance sessions also help combat degeneration.